How to Create a Story When There’s [Seemingly] No Story

Nearly every business has been in the same pickle at some point – nothing new has been happening and you’re struggling to find a way to generate news. So, is it impossible to get your business in the news during slower periods? Absolutely not! By answering a few of the questions below, you may find yourself with a news hook.

Holidays: The holidays are great potential media coverage. Everyone loves a feel-good story and publications are always looking for them. How is your company giving back during the holiday season? Do you have any big holiday events or holiday-specific offerings? What are the holiday traditions your company practices.

“National Days”: Though it seems like National Pizza Day or National Pet Day is every other week – flooding our Instagram feeds – many popular publications cover these events, no matter how silly they may seem. A few of the upcoming “National Days” include:

  • October 26: National Day of the Deployed. Do you have any employees that have been deployed?
  • November 8: National STEM Day. Are there any unique ways you all use technology? How does your company communicate? What digital marketing strategies do you leverage?
  • November 15: National Philanthropy Day. How does your company give back?

Anniversaries: Start doing some math and see if there are any notable company anniversaries coming up. It could be the president’s 10th anniversary with the business or it could be the 15th anniversary of a new office location. For example, in 2018 the Chase Candy Company is celebrating 100 years of making America’s favorite cherry candy bar – Cherry Mash! Business publications love anniversaries and “lessons learned” from organizations who are celebrating them. To avoid missing a future anniversary, keep a running list of these anniversaries on hand.

And if you’re still struggling for news coverage, leverage your own channels! All of this content would be great to post on social media, in a blog or through an eNewsletter.