How to Energize Your Village to Sell a Destination

It takes a village. No, not to raise a child, in this case – to promote a destination. When representing a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) it’s important to reach out to all facets of the community to try and get as many businesses involved in the effort as possible. By digging a little deeper and engaging both the obvious and sometimes the unusual, the pr effort becomes more robust with better story angles, characters and activities to promote.

One way that Malen Yantis PR has been able to do this for the Vail Local Marketing District, which is charged with promoting Vail during the non-winter months, is by hosting a semi-annual community partners meeting. Here’s why it’s so helpful:

  1. Exchange Information and Ideas: One of the great parts of working with a destination is there’s always something new to talk about. A community pr partners meeting is an opportunity to share the plan for promoting the destination and let partners know how they can get involved. It also is a chance to check in on the partners and learn what’s new with them.
  2. PR Isn’t Everyone’s Priority: Partners are busy running their businesses and pr may not be their top priority. Use the meeting to teach them the benefits of getting involved with a DMO’s pr effort. Gauge the villages’ level of comfort with pr and follow up with those who need a little more explanation. Take time to walk through the newsworthy happenings of their establishment and brainstorm potential future collaborations.
  3. Collaboration: A partner meeting can be a great place to spark ideas. It provides partners with a chance to speak to one another and identify ways business can work together. For example, a local distillery may identify ways to work with local hotels to showcase their product via tastings, a welcome amenity, etc.
  4. Keep Expanding Your Village: Use the meeting as a reminder to update the list of partners. Identify new businesses to engage in the process, but also identify businesses that haven’t been as involved as they could be. Provide these partners with incentives for becoming involved.

Destinations are made even more rich and vibrant by the businesses that enliven the brand, so it’s imperative to include as many partners as possible in the pr effort. Taking the time to check in and rally the village can ensure your destination has the most robust and impactful pr program possible.