Facebook Giveaways Made Easy with PromoSimple.com

Gone are the days of tedious application forms, daily entries and submitting embarrassing photos just to win a social media contest.  People tend to go through great lengths to win, but what if winning were a simple process?

MYPR set out to create a Facebook giveaway in order to garner additional followers and generate excitement for the 24th Annual Taste of Vail food and wine festival.  With sensory overload consistently taking up precious time on social media, our vision was to create something clean and simple.

Lucky for us, the giveaway we sought to create had already existed. PromoSimple.com is a third-party Facebook application that allows users to make their contest as detailed or simple as they prefer. With options such as the ability to upload custom graphics, require specific entry information and bonus entries for additional outlets, PromoSimple.com has it all.

Within a few hours, Taste of Vail’s giveaway was complete and ready to launch.  We were able to incorporate many features that help support the festival’s online presence with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Over the course of the three weeks, which the giveaway ran, MYPR was able to expand Taste of Vail’s Facebook audience by nearly 20 percent, increase its Twitter following and encourage entrants to subscribe to the festival’s Pinterest page.

With third-party tools such as PromoSimple.com, social media contests and giveaways are a smart and simple way to expand any organization’s online presence.