Live, Work, Play—Vail

After spending the last 22 years of my life living in the Midwest, I knew it was time for a change. I chose to start job-hunting in Colorado because of the mountains—the purest example of nature at its best. As an avid snowboarder, camper and hiker, Wisconsin was an ideal place to explore my outdoor interests. But growing into my adventurous spirit and passion for public relations, the final trip I took to Colorado six months before I finished college sparked a fuse of motivation.

I was determined to graduate, find the ultimate PR job and move as close to the Rocky Mountains as I could possibly get. Never would I have expected to find a dream job in an ideal location—but after my ritual scan on Andrew Hudson’s Job List, a jolt of excitement rushed through me when I spotted the open account coordinator position at MYPR.

Fast-forward three months later to now, I can honestly say that I am living my dream. Making 1,100-mile move across the country and giving up my last summer break was no easy feat, however, being able to live, work and play in the Vail Valley is the ultimate payoff.

Working for a travel and tourism public relations firm that promotes Vail in the summer has already been an incredible experience. As a (new) local whose job is to know the valley, I jump at every opportunity to dive into Vail and its culture. Whether it is dining at some of the village’s finest restaurants, hiking the most scenic trails or keeping up on the Vail Daily, I treat my new home as if I were only staying for a weekend. What would I want to know about Vail if I were just visiting?

Familiarizing myself to the Vail Valley is a challenging and exciting adventure—and to take on this task as part of my job at MYPR only makes my determination to succeed even greater.

Check back throughout the summer to see how I’m getting to know my new home and how I’m promoting it to regional, national and international media!