An Eye-Opening International Media Visit to Vail

Only two weeks into my new job at MYPR and it was already time to experience hosting a media visit. An international media opportunity on behalf of the Vail Local Marketing District brought in a host and film crew of four from the Mexican multi-media conglomerate, Estilo DF. With a strong TV, magazine and social media presence throughout the country, we like to think of Estilo DF as a mix between Vogue and People magazine.

MYPR’s partnership with Estilo DF was an exciting opportunity to showcase Vail’s summertime offerings to the area’s top international market—Mexico. Fortunately, the Estilo DF crew came on the perfect weekend to experience the energy surrounding Vail during the GoPro Mountain Games.

I know that visitors typically travel to Vail in the winter in search of fresh powder on the largest ski resort in North America, however, we wanted to convey the rich variety of activities for potential Mexican visitors to do in the summertime. By setting up an itinerary that compliments the events taking place during the Mountain Games, the Estilo DF film crew was able to capture the excitement of slacklining, dock dogs and freestyle kayaking.

We wanted the Estilo DF experience the culinary, shopping and outdoor offerings in Vail as well. Behind the scenes at Mountain Standard, the Seafood Tower on the Vail Chophouse patio and an inside look at Perch boutique were just a few of the shots that MYPR was able to set up for the media. Also, with the help of Gore Creek Fly Fisherman, MYPR was able to showcase the serenity of fly-fishing to first-timers such as Eugenia Debayle, the Estilo DF television host.

In the end, the crew shot enough for three, two-minute segments and got enough content for a story in the magazine. But for me, it was much more. I learned that not only is it important to dive in to opportunities with international media, but also to know the people that work within the village. The involvement of the Vail community was MYPR’s biggest asset in making this media trip successful, as many of the businesses opened their doors and welcomed the Estilo DF group with kindness and respect. I believe that message is what ultimately translates into great exposure for the Vail community.