MYPR Summer Intern Janelle’s Journey to Vail

Following my first visit to Colorado nearly four years ago, I became determined to make this place my home. In 2013 I finally transitioned from Missouri to the mountains to attend Colorado State University. As a public relations enthusiast, I immediately became involved with PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) to network and grow within the industry. A position as Firm Director for the chapter’s student-run PR firm, RamPR, opened up and I jumped at it. This would be my first real-world PR experience and I couldn’t have been more eager to dive in head first toward my dream career.

MYPR, PRSA, Gold Picks

Taylor, Janelle and Kristin at the PRSA Gold Pick Awards

Fast-forward two years and four internships later,  and graduation was quickly approaching. Much like the rest of my peers, all I could think about my last semester of college was where I’d work after graduation. Following weeks of job searching with no luck, I was thrilled to see Taylor’s post regarding the MYPR internship on CSU PRSSA’s Facebook page.

After conducting tons of research, I knew this role was right for me. I had interned at two other boutique PR firms, and found that I preferred working for a small, tight-knit team versus a large corporation. I also had a growing interest in moving to a mountain town, and Vail happened to be top on my list. I became even more excited to work for MYPR when Kristin was awarded Mentor of the Year at the PRSA Gold Pick Awards. She’s certainly lived up to that title and has been a tremendous teacher during my internship.

Over the past two months I’ve taken full advantage of the mountain lifestyle by attending events like the GoPro Mountain Games, hiking, camping and biking throughout Vail Valley and enjoying fresh produce from the Vail Farmers Market.

Although I’ve only been with MYPR eight weeks, it feels like I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in travel, tourism and hospitality public relations. I’m so excited to kick off my career in this rewarding field and to continue exploring the great outdoors throughout Colorado.

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