Cutting Through the Clutter: Helpful Media Tips on Crafting Your Pitch

At a recent PRSA Colorado Media Roundtable Luncheon, MYPR got to sit down with some key media contacts and learn even more about what really matters when it comes to pitching. Though in public relations it will always be important to tailor your pitch, we took away a few other words of advice while interacting with media.

  • Why does it matter to your audience? An honest question that pr pros can’t be afraid to ask themselves. One journalist who attended the luncheon explained that if you can pitch why it matters to their audience, it’s a quicker turnaround for them to pitch it to their superior.
  • Be concise, engage quickly and attach more. If you were to compare a pitch to a news release, your introduction is the lead. Be concise and to the point. Include the facts, but not all the details. Media like short bulleted lists that give them a sense of what you can offer. At the luncheon, all journalists agreed that if you want to include more information, to do so with an attachment.
  • The subject line is your friend. Many of us have sat in front of a computer screen deleting rows of unimportant looking emails without blinking, so you can imagine mass of messages journalists have in their inboxes. . One news director printed out her average daily list of more than 700 emails. To cut through all of that clutter, use a compelling subject line and don’t hesitate to personalize it by including their name.
  • Think as a reporter. It takes knowing the news to effectively pitch media. We learned that many media at the luncheon often found leads and spotted trends on Twitter before checking their email for a pitch. Also, one anchor from CBS4 mentioned how helpful it is when pr pros pitch experts and sources related to news that can quickly be lined up for an interview

These are just a few suggestions on how to effectively craft a pitch that captures the media’s attention. By incorporating thoughtful subject lines, concise information and the “why it matters” statement, your pitch is more likely to cut through the clutter.

Are there any tips you have found that work well while pitching? If so, share them below!