Getting the Most Out of Hotel Awards & Accolades

A robust awards and accolades strategy is a key part of any hotel or resort’s marketing effort. This is even more important for independent hotels where awards and accolades create credibility for the guest experience. Winning the award is only step No. 1. Perhaps your hotel was listed in the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards or was named the third-best weekend getaway in Colorado by a Denver publication. There are several ways in which properties can extend the life of pivotal awards that they receive.

Add to Your Website
The first and easiest step to telling the world about your newest accolades is adding it to your website. Some hotels have a running list of logos at the bottom of their website that illustrate these awards, others choose to add a page or section with a comprehensive collection of achievements. If your hotel already has a blog, create a post about the award. Another great tactic is embedding an award badge into your website page or blog if provided. There are several ways to display awards on your site, but make sure that each method links back to the original award announcements that help affirm your hotel’s reputation and legitimacy.

Share on Social Media
Sharing on social media is key in creating a further conversation about your award. After creating award content on your website, share to your social channels quickly and always link to the official source. If there’s any coverage of the hotel winning the award on other social accounts, share those posts as well. To optimize the award on social media, update your social accounts “about” or “description” section with a mention of your latest award. Finally, ask employees, partners, vendors and more to share the award social posts on their accounts.

Press Release Pros & Cons
Most people immediately suggest writing a press release to share their media awards with other media. Therein lies the challenge. Most media outlets won’t cover awards from other media outlets. And, most large, national awards like Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best or US News & World Report’s “Top Hotels” list have publicists who send out releases announcing the big winners. So, it’s really a duplication of efforts. We only suggest drafting a press release in a few very specific circumstances. First, if you simply want the content on your media center to support SEO efforts. Additionally, if you have a local community newspaper that might not see the original announcement, we suggest repurposing what is distributed by the publishing house for local distribution. However, in general, drafting a release about your hotel’s award or accolade is not the most impactful tactic.

Consider Adding it to Your Email Signature
Adding a visual award badge to your email signature is a great tactic that will reach many people. Update your email signature with your award logo such as a logo from Conde Nast Traveler or a city business journal’s Best Places to Work award. Additionally, hyperlink the logo to the official award site or to a press release about your hotel winning the award.

Share with Employees
Winning an award is a hotel-wide effort encompassing bellmen, managers, executives and more. Take some time to share the award announcement with employees during all-employee meetings. Associates help you win the award and it’s important to acknowledge and applaud their contributions.

Plaques and Signage
If available, purchase any plaques and signage that illustrate winning the award to display around the hotel. Think of high traffic areas where guests will see them, either the entryway, front desk or lounge area.

Digital Prints for Ongoing Efforts
The impact of awards and accolades can be extended into business efforts down the line with digital reprints and strategic incorporation. Maintain an updated list of awards and accolades to be included in current and future media kits, sales packets and other documents. Your hospitality PR agency can assist with obtaining the digital prints and recommend proper use and inclusion. Doing so showcases the award months or years after, demonstrating your accomplishments and the hotels’ reputation.