The Gift Guide for the PR Professional in Your Life

If you’re like me, you’ve waited until now to buy your Christmas gifts. Well, you’re in luck if you have a PR person in your life as we have put together the ultimate gift guide for PR professionals including spa treatments, magazine subscriptions and more!

Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription for a PR professional is the perfect gift for a multitude of reasons. Many public relations professionals are frequently searching for new freelancers to connect with it, which can be found in magazines. PR people love to consume media and it’s necessary to stay in-the-know about their respective industries. Consider trade magazines for someone in a specialized field. For the hospitality PR person in your life, consider Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, ARAR or Sunset.

Instagram Tearaway Calendar

Social Print Studio’s custom tearaway calendar is one-of-a-kind desktop calendar for the social media maven in your life. Each day, her or she can look back on the beautiful beaches, delicious food or everyday life updates they have posted on Instagram at some point. The $40 calendar can feature up to 365 different Instagram photos or have less pictures randomly duplicated throughout the year.

LinkedIn Premium

“It’s all about who you know” especially rings true in public relations. Give the gift of LinkedIn premium, which includes the ability to message people you have no mutual connections with and additional details on people who have viewed your profile, to help your loved one further expand their network and open the doors to additional opportunities.

DVD Box Sets

Everyone in PR has some career role models, many of whom are featured prominently in hit television shows. From Samantha Jones in Sex and the City to Shauna Jones in Entourage, find out which PR person your loved one admires and gift them a collection.

Spa Treatment

Public relations can be an exhausting field to be in as we deal with non-traditional hours and non-traditional client requests. I can guarantee that a spa treatment would be appreciated by any one in PR.

AP Stylebook

The newest edition of the AP Stylebook, also known as the Bible in the PR community, would lovingly sit on the desk of any PR professional and would be referred to on a semi-regular basis. You can also make a tradition out of it and give the newest edition every year, reducing next year’s holiday stress.

Happy holidays from MYPR – now get shopping!