New Year’s Resolutions for the PR Professional

Though you probably already take on a few personal resolutions, such as physical or mental health goals, this year consider taking on a few professional New Year’s resolutions. Here are three resolutions for a PR pro that can better your social media, professional circle and own sanity.

Celebrate More Wins

It’s so easy to fall into the pattern of not taking the time to celebrate PR wins, such as a media hit for a client or successfully securing influencers for a media trip. However, this year resolve to celebrate your and your company’s wins. Make a point to celebrate each and every win, whether the celebration is intangible, in the form of spending least a few moments basking in the accomplishment, or tangible, such as treating yourself to a happy hour work.

Strengthen Your Own Social Media Presence  

As PR professionals, we sometimes don’t leverage our social media presence enough, even though we tell our clients to have strong channels. As social media is a great way to promote client wins, connect with influencers/media and share Thought Leadership pieces, it should be a priority. Therefore, in 2018, resolve to become more engaged on your firm’s targeted social media channels.

 Dedicate More Time to Professional Development and Networking 

This year, resolve to spend some time away from your computer and more time in networking events and on professional development. You should always be looking for ways to sharpen your skills, increase business development and grow your list of contacts.

If all goes according to the plan, in 12 months’ time you’ll have created an even stronger social media presence, increased your network and have spent time dedicated to professional development – all while celebrating your well-deserved wins.