Six Tips for a Successful Press Trip

PR pros know that there is no perfect press trip, no sweet spot for dates or duration, no code to crack while communicating with journalists during their hectic travel binges and certainly no perfect planning process.

There are, however, a few simple tips that MYPR has picked up over the years to streamline the planning process and create memorable itinerary for all.

·      Give writers a visual pre-trip. Itineraries don’t have to be boring. Include images that give journalists a reason to get excited for their trip. Visuals, like a Pinterest board, also can be a useful tool to help familiarize media with the area. Use the map function to name restaurants, attractions, and activities in addition to adding images and descriptions to pins that link back to your client’s website, which allows journalists to do a little research prior to arriving.

·      Allow for free time in the itinerary. Journalists are always working, which is why they appreciate free time more than anything. A morning or afternoon free also allows them to explore the area and find their own story angles.

·      Send press kits digitally. The last thing media want is to keep track of a bunch of papers during their trip. Include a flash drive with their welcome packets or send a follow up email with a Dropbox link. Digital files are easier to keep track of and showcases all of your client’s assets like broll, video and photography.

·      Wifi and power go hand-in-hand. These are the two most popular needs for a journalist during a press trip. Ensure the host property has a complimentary wifi connection and let media know beforehand to show that their needs are top of mind. Also, carry a portable battery pack with multiple phone cords just in case an outlet isn’t close by.

·      Leverage and capture an experience. Create a memorable experience for your writers. Whether it’s getting them behind the bar during a mixology session or climbing a 13,000-foot peak in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, allow media to participate and make sure to snap a picture. This often makes for a fun post on social or a personalized farewell gift.

·      Follow up with a survey. Surveys are a great way to gain insight to what media enjoyed and disliked. Include questions about the planning process, itineraries, and activities with local partners to provide feedback to everyone involved.

Do you have tips to share? Leave us a comment or email to help expand our press trip planning knowledge and be featured in an upcoming post.