Three Things to Know: Adventure Travel

This week, our theme is “Adventure Travel.” For some, this can be defined as soft adventure – an easy stroll along a river, or taking a van to the top of Vail Pass and riding a bike all the way down to town. Adventure travel for others means adrenaline pumping activities like bungee jumping. And, this $887-billion-dollar industry now has the first graduate program of its kind at Colorado State University.

1. Multi-Gen Travelers Want Adventure. An article on recently noted that multi-generation trips continue to be a hot travel trend and these travelers are seeking adventure. What’s multi-gen, for those not in the know? A combination of mother-daughter, grandparent-grandchild, whole family from grandparents to parents and children, etc. According to the Virtuoso luxury travel network, these travelers aren’t in the market for a beach vacation (although it ranks No. 2 in their survey), they want active adventure trips.

2. Graduate Certificate in Adventure Tourism. Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, recently announced the addition of an online adventure tourism graduate program to its curriculum. This new program will be the first of its kind in the United States and starts next semester. According to an article in the Denver Post, the courses are “designed to teach the skills needed to develop and manage different adventure tourism offerings – everything from motorcycle and rafting trips to heli-skiing and fishing trips.”

3. Best Adventure Vacations in U.S. US News & World Report recently published its list of the “Best Adventure Vacations in the USA.” The list includes everything from National Parks like the Grand Canyon to the beaches of Kauai. Lake Tahoe was noted as No. 6 on the list and MYPR-client Resort at Squaw Creek, a Destination Hotel, in North Lake Tahoe certainly offers a variety of adventure options including creative, adrenaline pumping as well as sightseeing programs with Pacific North Helicopters.